Shilajit Dosage: A Comprehensive Guide

Shilajit Dosage

Shilajit dosage may vary from person to person depending upon several factors such as the sought benefits, health status, metabolism, body size, etc. It is crucial not to go overboard when consuming shilajit, as it is best to take it in moderation. If you are someone just starting off with shilajit use or are concerned about incorporating the right quantity of shilajit into your diet, keep reading as we answer all your questions in this comprehensive guide.

Shilajit Dosage

The various forms of shilajit and the recommended dosage of each are mentioned below, with instructions on how you can safely consume each of them:

1. Shilajit Resin

The recommended dosage of shilajit resin is 100 mg per day, roughly equivalent to the size of a grain of rice, as an initial dose. This dose can be gradually increased to 300 mg per day, or a pea-sized amount, to achieve your desired results. Consult your healthcare provider for exact dosage and frequency instructions tailored to your needs.

2. Shilajit Capsules

When taking shilajit capsules, try not exceeding the recommended 300 - 500 mg daily dosage. Taking 1-2 capsules per day with water as per your needs is recommended. Try to take shilajit capsules daily for optimal results. Refrain from taking extra doses to make up for your missed dose. Before taking shilajit capsules, check the product packaging for the expiration date. Do not take the capsules if the expiration date has passed.

3. Shilajit Powder

Many people opt for shilajit powder to aid in precise dosage measurement. You can use a measuring spoon to scoop out the recommended amount of powder, usually 300 - 500 mg per day and dissolve it in water or other liquids.

Factors Affecting Shilajit Dosage

Following factors can affect the appropriate dosage of shilajit for individuals:

  • Body Size: Shilajit dosage may vary depending on your body size. Individuals with a larger body size may be recommended higher doses as compared to those with a smaller body size.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI): Similar to body size, BMI can also affect the appropriate daily shilajit dosage. Increased doses of shilajit may be recommended for those who have a high BMI.
  • Overall Health: Your current health status is important when figuring out the ideal dose of shilajit to take. Your doctor may check your medical history as well as your current health condition to prescribe you a dose that you can safely take without putting your health in jeopardy.
  • Age: Age is another important factor that affects the adequate dosage of shilajit for individuals. Younger people can have different requirements as compared to older people. These varying needs typically suggest different doses to avoid excess consumption and potential side effects.
  • Quality Of Shilajit: The quality of shilajit can also play a role in determining the correct dosage to opt for. Shilajit is sold under different brands with contrasting levels of quality and purity. It is advised to only purchase and use high-quality, authentic shilajit sold by trusted brands instead of opting for low-quality alternatives.
  • Metabolism: Metabolism affects how quickly the body can convert food into energy. When determining the right amount of shilajit to take, metabolism is something that needs to be taken into consideration. Individuals with a higher metabolism may be prescribed higher doses of shilajit. On the other hand, lower doses might be suitable for people with a lower metabolism.
  • Desired Outcomes: The benefits one seeks with shilajit use can help determine the appropriate dosage. For instance, some people may use shilajit to give them a boost of energy while others may have long-term goals such as increased muscle mass requiring increased doses.

How To Take Shilajit

It is easy to incorporate shilajit into your daily diet. It can be consumed by dissolving a small pea-sized amount in water, tea, smoothies, or warm milk. It is recommended to take it in the morning for the best results. Furthermore, it should be taken regularly as advised by your physician. Consistency is key, so stay steadfast when using shilajit if you wish to achieve your goals muscle mass, or enhanced cognitive health.

What Is The Recommended Daily Dosage Of Shilajit?

The recommended daily shilajit dosage is 300-500 mg/day for healthy individuals. Refer to your doctor to know the ideal amount of shilajit you should consume per day based on your medical history and current health status.

Is It Safe To Take Shilajit Every Day?

Yes. If taken in the recommended dosage of 300-500 mg, taking shilajit daily is safe for most individuals. However, caution is advised when taking shilajit in pregnancy, while breastfeeding or if you have a history of heart disease or other medical conditions. Such people should consult with their healthcare provider before using shilajit.

How Long Should You Take Shilajit?

Taking shilajit for 2-3 months is recommended to assess its effects on your body. If you are seeing the desired results, you may continue shilajit consumption. When stopping the use of shilajit it is advised to consult a healthcare professional. They can provide an expert opinion on the ideal frequency and duration of shilajit that will be most effective and safe for you.


Whether trying it out for the first time or taking it regularly, shilajit dosage is of utmost importance as it can affect your health, safety, and the timeline of sought benefits. Try to follow the optimal dosage recommended by a healthcare professional and do not exceed it. To purchase pure Himalayan shilajit resin, visit VitaliZen today.